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Entry #1

Ah, to be back. Its shite.

2008-04-16 07:31:55 by therappinretard

Hmm, not used this site in fucking years. I made this account when I was like 12 to post shitty koolmoves animations I made at lunchtime. Oh how good things used to be.

Anyway, dont watch my flash. They have less talent than a spastic eating a choc ice.


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2008-09-14 14:44:25

Heh, Scotland. I'm a little South from you it seems.

therappinretard responds:

Just a tad :)


2009-08-08 10:11:59

make better flash

therappinretard responds:

I haven't touched flash in about 7 years mate, and to be honest I don't really have that much time or interest in creating my own. I do quite like making music though, I'll submit some if I create anything tasty.


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